Kieara2Kierra Davis 

Known as Coach Ki,  My passion is to train and instruct the next generation of dancers. Dance has always been my biggest passion and I have been dancing for over 11 years now. I started at the age of ten and continued on professionally . I was apart of my high school dance team and competition team in college as well as showcases and going on tour.  I love teaching because I am able to inspire and make an impact in the lives of young people. Nothing makes me more happier than seeing the smiles on the kids faces!

Kierra went to Valdosta State where she majored in preforming arts. She has competed  I You Wee located in Ohio. She was part of the Michael Jackson tour and has won the TNC Talent Showcase in 2014.  She was captain of her high school dance team and I also won in her first Beauty pageant as over all Most beautiful.

Kierra Davis Teaching Hip Hop

Kierra Davis Performing